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“How do I plan the management of the data produced by my experiment(s)?”

Recommendation: Use an HYDRALAB+ Data Storage Plan / Report

Use a Data Storage Plan / Report based on the revised template given in [1]. The revised template makes a number of changes including separate data management sections for each instrument to make the report more flexible for use across all three of the laboratory, field and numerical domains.

At the outset of your work, before any experiments have been started, fill out the appropriate sections of the document. At this stage, it is referred to as a Data Storage Plan since it anticipates the data collection and prepares these activities. The document is iterated throughout the process and, once the experiments are completed and documented, it becomes the Data Storage Report describing the data package(s) that has been produced.

• Allocate an individual responsible for this document.

• License the document as though it were a dataset. If possible use the same licence as that applied to the data package. The default license for HYDRALAB+ is the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

• Store this report as part of the data package produced in the ‘package’ step on [2].

JRA projects now have a structured identifier similar to the one used for TA projects as follows. Please use this identifier throughout. For JRA experiments the identifier is arranged as follows:



WORKPACKAGE e.g.: JRA[n], 3 digit seq # e.g.: 001, 002, 003 allocating the sequential number assignment will be the responsibility of the WP leader

For example: H+_HRW_JRA1_002

(second sequential experiment in Joint Research Activity 1 - RECIPE)

Recommendation 4 from HYDRALAB+ D10.3 ‘Data standards report’ ([3]), includes adoption of the MIME type to provide a basic technical descriptor for datasets. This recommendation should be applied to the Data Storage Reports produced.

In addition, this same Recommendation 4 includes adoption of a formal metadata set describing the experiments undertaken and the data produced. This approach is similar to that recommended by DMP Online. HYDRALAB+ considered direct adoption of DMP Online, but did not do so for two reasons:

1. Data Storage Plans / Reports are well established in the HYDRALAB community. Moving to something different would be a major change for the consortium.

2. Usage of the Zenodo repository offers a single online solution for HYDRALAB+ data packages. This could then include the Data Storage Plan / Report for the experiments which would give all the information in a single package. This includes version controlling so that the progress of the Data Storage Plan into the Data Storage Report can be tracked, if required.

Recommendation 7 from HYDRALAB+ D10.3 ‘Data standards report’ ([4]) describes the use of open licenses for HYDRALAB+ data packages. This licensing strategy is also applied to the Data Storage Plans / Reports, even as individual entities in themselves.

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