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Data management of Hydraulic Laboratory Tests is an important aspect of the Hydralab programme. A simple and standardized process has been created to enable all participants to share their data:

Plan, Package and Post Your Data![edit]

You now have the opportunity to publish the data produced by your scientific experiments and projects in addition to publishing papers and articles. Publishing the data in this way will boost citations of your associated publications as well as attracting separate citations for the data records. In turn, you will be able to study and re-use other scientists’ data to support your work so that you can concentrate on making advances with a reduced risk of having to repeat experiments which were done by others. Analysing their data may also give you new ideas for your own research.

HYDRALAB+ has provided a simple, three step process for achieving this:

1. Plan Take some time to plan and define the data outputs from your experiment(s).

2. Package Arrange your output data into a package that will be easy for other scientists to understand.

3. Post Upload your data package into the Zenodo repository through the HYDRLAB+ website.


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