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A variety of common vocabularies exist and are being continually developed to structure and describe environmental phenomena and units. These include:

SeaDataNet ( , a “pan-European infrastructure for Ocean and Marine Data Management”. In addition to a set of aggregated data products; metadata catalogues of marine organisations, datasets, projects, observing systems, research cruises and data description (CDI); SeaDataNet gives a vocabulary library including the SeaDataNet Parameter Discovery Vocabulary and Agreed Parameter Groups – extensively categorized vocabularies for terms covering a broad spectrum of disciplines of relevance to the oceanographic and wider community, in particular to describe and categorize marine data phenomena.

CF Standard Names (, a list of climate and forecasting parameter names expressed in a standard form and accompanied by a description and canonical unit. It is intended for use within atmosphere, surface and ocean disciplines with model generated data and comparable observational datasets. Also provided is a related set of basic discovery metadata.

CSDMS Standard Names (, a list of surface dynamics parameter names expressed in a standard form and motivated by the need to pass standard parameters between numerical model components. CSDMS Standard Names uses a similar approach to CF Standard Names with the intention of creating unambiguous and easily understood standard variable names or preferred labels according to a set of rules.

ITTC ‘Symbols and Terminology List’ ( defines many standard names for the testing of marine structures, including terms for waves and fluid flows. It comes from the International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC): an international association of organisations involved in ship and marine structure testing.

Structured lists of parameter names, such as provided by these initiatives, provide the simplest form of vocabulary control. Parameter (or phenomena) names can be included within data or metadata structures by a simple reference and mappings between different vocabularies can be made. The domain coverage provided by these vocabularies offers a large number of parameter name and unit combinations for use by experimenters within HYDRALAB+.

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